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< class="article__title title breaking-your-intermittent-fasting-does-mushroom-coffee-break-a-fast"> Breaking Your Intermittent Fasting: Does Mushroom Coffee Break A Fast?>
Breaking Your Intermittent Fasting: Does Mushroom Coffee Break A Fast?
Jan 23, 23
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Author: Sony Sherpa

Breaking Your Intermittent Fasting: Does Mushroom Coffee Break A Fast?

  • by Sony Sherpa
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People constantly are experimenting with new ways to maintain their health, maybe due to the seemingly endless appeal of weight loss and dieting fads. Therefore, it's crucial to comprehend how fasting works and how to do it appropriately if you've chosen to explore it as a weight-control solution.

It can be difficult and uncomfortable for some people, but the potential mental and physical advantages may make it worthwhile. It turns out that both when and what you consume are equally crucial for intermittent fasting.

But can some drinks cause you to stumble? More importantly, does mushroom coffee break a fast?

Working with medicinal mushrooms while on a fast may increase the advantages of your intermittent fast. The anti-inflammatory properties of medicinal mushrooms, which are potent adaptogens, can enhance the process of autophagy.

Let's delve deeper into fasting, its benefits, and how mushroom coffee does not break a fast.

What Is Intermittent Fasting And Its Benefits?

What Is Intermittent Fasting And Its Benefits?

The goal of intermittent fasting is to reduce the duration between meals by 8 to 12 hours, not to reduce overall calorie intake.

This would be a 16-hour fast if you consumed all of your meals or calories in an 8-hour period. Similarly, a 12-hour fast would be observed if you ate within a 12-hour period.

By turning on the process of autophagy and allowing our bodies to digest and absorb all the nutrients we take thoroughly, intermittent fasting allows our bodies to reset. Our cells undergo a kind of spring cleaning when autophagy is activated, removing garbage and replacing aging and damaged cells. In addition, many intermittent fasters report having more mental clarity and attention on fasting days, which can lead to increased vigor and improved cognitive performance.

One of the other main advantages of fasting is the ability to enter the ketosis metabolic state. Once the body has used up all the available glucose during a fast, it begins to burn fat instead of glucose. As a result, a sluggish metabolism can be accelerated, and inflammation can be reduced by being in ketosis.

There are several viewpoints on what can be consumed during a fast right. Purists contend that the only accurate method to get the rewards of fasting is to drink water exclusively while doing so.

On the other hand, the digestion of sugars, carbs, and protein is generally agreed to be the primary cause of the interruption of fasting.

What about mushroom coffee, though? We're getting there next!

Mushroom Coffee: Does It Break Your Fasting?

Mushroom Coffee: Does It Break Your Fasting?

One of the most critical questions people following intermittent fasting have on their minds is: does mushroom powder break a fast? The good news is, it doesn't. And here's why.

Even though mushrooms contain macronutrients, the quantity present in most mushroom supplements is not thought to be sufficient to end a fast. A teaspoonful (or about 2g) of mushroom powder and a few calories make up the average mushroom supplement dosage. Because of this, taking mushroom supplements while fasting is a fantastic idea.

Medicinal mushroom supplements are abundant in micronutrients and bioactive substances, like antioxidants, minerals, sterols, peptides, and polysaccharides. Without compromising your fast, these vital nutrients and bioactive can positively impact your metabolism and immune system.

Mushroom supplements are also a fantastic source of prebiotic fiber in addition to the minerals they provide. Fasting may affect your intestinal flora because the bacteria in your stomach depending on your meal for nutrition. A mushroom supplement's supportive role can assist you in nourishing and maintaining a healthy gut microbiota.

To prepare for the day ahead, you can incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your morning ritual while still fasting. Among them is Cordyceps(1), the Himalayan mushroom. In the morning, Cordyceps can be consumed to enhance energy reserves and athletic output before an exercise and to provide a slow and constant release of energy.

Another potent functional fungus to use in the morning is Turkey Tail(2). Its anti-inflammatory benefits make it an excellent complement to an intermittent fast. In addition, as a prebiotic, it can maintain the health of our gut bacteria, particularly when taken before meals.

You can also enjoy Lion's Mane(3) in the morning to get your brain wired and firing! Since it is a nootropic, Lion's Mane is known to enhance focus, creativity, and mood, which can be helpful in the final few hours of a fast when you are working on the day's most crucial chores.

What To Look For In A Fast-Friendly Mushroom Coffee?

What To Look For In A Fast-Friendly Mushroom Coffee?

Find and pick mushroom coffee that only utilizes the fruiting body of medicinal wood-grown mushrooms. Some medicinal mushroom coffee you might encounter contains the mushroom's mycelium. These are usually grown on rice or grains.

Since the mycelium cannot be separated from the rice or grain, a lot of rice and grain wind up in the finished product of mushrooms cultivated and processed in this way.

This means that these kinds of medicinal mushroom extracts are likely to include higher concentrations of carbs. This, in turn, may have the ability to break a fast.


Will Mushroom Powder Break My Fast?

Mushrooms powders will not break your fast if the carbohydrate content is less than 1 gram per serving.  Functional mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, and Turkey Tail contain small amounts of protein and carbohydrates, but these amounts are not enough to break a fast.

Will Lion's Mane Break A Fast?

Lion's mane mushroom, sourced from the fruiting body, contains low amounts of carbohydrates and will not break your fast. However, if the mushroom supplements contain large amounts of myceliated grains, the number of carbohydrates may be higher.

Is Mushroom Powder Good For Weight Loss?

Mushroom powders are low in calories, making them an excellent addition to your weight loss regimen. Additionally, many functional fungi contain prebiotic fibers that may aid in losing weight.

Final Thoughts

Does mushroom coffee break a fast?  No, mushroom coffee wouldn't end your fast if the serving size has fewer than 1 g of net carbohydrates. However, the mushroom powder should come from fruiting bodies, and the coffee must be taken black without adding milk or sugar.

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