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About Nature's Rise

Our Extraordinary Saga: The Birth of Nature's Rise

Established in 2021 to offer organic mushroom products, Natures Rise is a company based in Sacramento, CA.

The company launched its first product—Lion’s Mane Powder—in 2022. Attracting a very positive reception due to its effectiveness, Lion’s Mane helped Nature’s Rise build its first customer base throughout the United States.

Since releasing Lion’s Mane in the market, Nature’s Rise has focused on expanding its product catalog, launching new products—one product at a time—and increasing its market coverage. Today, instead of just offering its range of products in the United States, Nature’s Rise products are accessible to customers in all corners of the world.

All of the products available in the Nature’s Rise product catalog are grown and manufactured in the United States. Focusing only on organically grown mushrooms from the State of California, Nature’s Rise ensures its customers are getting products of the highest quality.

Meet the Visionary Behind Nature's Rise

David Longacre
President and Founder

A personal development and neuroscience enthusiast, David Longacre—the founder of Nature’s Rise—combined his passion for mental health and fitness to create holistic solutions to some of the most common health issues. He started the company to bring awareness to the magical world of beneficial mushrooms.

David Longacre has been researching beneficial mushrooms for over 4 years and starting a company that would allow people to take advantage of his knowledge seemed like the perfect fit. After using organic mushrooms for years and reaping their benefits, David thought it would be ideal to bring more awareness and help others benefit from mushroom products.

Introducing the Inspiring Journey of Nature's Rise, as Told by Founder David Longacre:

“I have been an entrepreneur for more than 12 years. My inspiration for entrepreneurship came from my passion and understanding of the mind. What most people don’t know, however, is that I also have a deep passion for mental health, brain science, psychology, neurology, and cognitive sciences.

My journey into this field started 7+years ago when my passion for self-development helped shape who I am today as both an entrepreneur with a deep understanding of business strategy but also someone passionate about understanding human behavior through different lenses: cognitive sciences/neurology.

As a busy entrepreneur running two businesses, I started experiencing sleep and focus problems which started causing anxiety as well. To get back on track with my health while running both two businesses effectively I had to find solutions for these issues quickly before they got worse!

Combining fitness, meditation, and beneficial mushrooms worked wonders for me. The combo eliminated my anxiety, improved my sleep, and enhanced my performance.

Although I have known that mushrooms have medical benefits for decades, I waited too long before taking advantage of their nutritional and healing powers. I was listening to a holistic health professional on a podcast who recommended Lion’s mane to listeners dealing with issues like trouble sleeping and anxiety. After listening to the podcast, I immediately ordered Lion’s Mane online.

Within the next few weeks, my memory and outlook on life improved. As I began to heal my mind and body, it felt as if a weight had been lifted from me. My anxiety melted away with each passing day until all that remained was an exciting sense of purpose for what is ahead in this new chapter of life! I found myself operating at full potential after years of slacking off and underperforming in my two entrepreneurial ventures.

What surprised me the most is that when my memory cleared up—thanks to Lion’s Mane—I started recalling things that had disappeared from my memory years ago.

I have been taking Lion’s Mane mushroom since I experienced its full power. In the 4 years I have used lion’s mane mushroom, I have experienced maximum clarity in my life, managed to focus and expand my businesses, and accomplished goals I never thought would be possible.

Seeing how Lion’s Mane had impacted my life made me gain a lot of interest in other medicinal mushrooms. Over the years, I have explored a wide variety of other mushrooms—including, Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Turkey Tail.

Each of these mushrooms has had a positive impact on my life and overall health. I have been combining the mushrooms in my morning smoothie. The results of consuming the 5 mushrooms—Lion’s mane, Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Cordyceps—have included better sleep, better memory, better focus, improved clarity, and much more.

Nowadays, I rarely enjoy my morning smoothie alone. When my wife realized the benefits I was enjoying thanks to these beneficial mushrooms, she started adding a teaspoon of each mushroom to her smoothie too. I even told my 65 year old Mom the powerful benefits of Lion’s Mane and it has been dramatically helping her memory and cognitive function.”

Dedicated to Quality

“I started Nature’s Rise for one simple reason: to control the quality of supplements and foods I use. The goal was to create my dream formulas and share these with the entire world. If it doesn't meet my high standards, then Nature's Rise does not produce it! Our products have to meet all my standards first—and I have extremely high standards when it comes to what I put in my mouth.”

David Longacre
President and Founder

Our Core Values

The Best Quality Products

Nature’s Rise has always set out to produce the absolute best quality products with excellent value. We put a lot of focus on providing the right serving sizes, guaranteeing high-quality standards, and giving our customers what they need at an affordable price point!

Providing Exceptional Value

Nature’s Rise was founded to ensure everyone has access to high-quality mushroom products. The company’s focus hasn’t changed—Nature’s Rise is still focused on offering all its customers maximum value. The founder David Longacre believes that customers should always receive maximum value before revenue or profit—and he never compromised on quality to do so!

Highest Quality Ingredients

Nature’s Rise has a strict quality assurance process for its ingredients and only works with verified, high-quality suppliers of mushrooms. All our suppliers have been vetted and investigated severally to confirm that our mushrooms have the highest quality. We have always known that without the right ingredients, we can’t give our customers the

Nature's Rise Unveiled: Why Nature’s Rise?

The word Nature—in our brand name—refers to literal nature. This is because all our mushroom products are manufactured using 100% certified organic mushrooms. The word Rise in the brand name represents the rise of organic mushrooms grown in the United States.

Nature’s Rise was created to ensure everyone has access to the best and most bio-available mushrooms. All our mushrooms are grown—and harvested—in the United States.

Before buying mushrooms from any organic farmer, we ensure:

  • Grown in a clean environment
  • Access to excellent air
  • Grown with high-quality organic water
  • Certified by an experienced organic certifier
  • Steamed to ensure maximum bioavailability

In the current modern world, it’s impossible to get all the nutrients our bodies need from commercially produced food. Supplements play a very vital role in helping our bodies achieve homeostasis. Some of the most powerful supplements, mushrooms are packed with health-promoting components and antioxidants.

Nature’s Rise is driven by a passionate desire to ensure its customers have access to high-quality, beneficial mushrooms. In addition to helping people improve their health, our mushrooms connect our customers with their full potential. Improved health results in optimal performance, which, in turn, results in a better life.

We are always looking for ways to improve our products and services. For this reason, we encourage all our customers to provide their feedback once they experience our mushroom products. At Nature’s Rise, no feedback goes to waste—we take all insights seriously and act on them.