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Chaga Mushroom Dosage: How Much Is Enough?
Feb 10, 22
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Chaga Mushroom Dosage: How Much Is Enough?


Inonotus obliquus or Chaga mushroom is a medicinal fungus that has been used for centuries in European, American, and Asian cultures. There is evidence(1) of the use of Chaga in the 16th century while some believe that the mushroom may have been used for its positive effects since the 12th century. 

Traditional usages of Chaga were in purifying blood, treating gastrointestinal disease, and enabling easy breathing. With time, through research of Chaga products, the antiviral, antioxidants abilities, and anti-parasitic potential of the mushroom were realized. In the modern health and fitness world, the Chaga mushroom has varied therapeutic potential and results. 

People planning to get maximum benefits from Chaga mushroom properties without dealing with side effects often wonder how much Chaga per day. The dosage depends on what the mushroom is being used for. 

Inonotus obliquus has benefits in counteracting the progression of tumor cells, combating oxidant stress, regulating blood sugar levels, and controlling inflammation. The mushroom is also known to support the immune system, boost our brain function and energy levels.

Before exploring the health benefits of Chaga, you might have several questions in your head about its consumption. What is the Chaga mushroom dosage? Or if you want to start with a cup of Chaga tea, how much Chaga per day is good enough? This article will cover all your queries regarding Chaga mushroom dosage, so let’s begin!

How Much Chaga Mushroom Powder To Take?

Naturally, the first thing you want to know when getting started with mushroom supplements is the amount to be consumed. Therefore, if your goal is to reduce oxidative stress and radicals by using Chaga mushroom powder, you may want to know Chaga mushroom powder dosage. 

The general recommended(2) daily dosage is 250 to 500 mg taken two to three times daily. This dose is applicable for an 8:1 extract of the mushroom.

Another study(3) has found that a dosage of 408mg is ideal for a person weighing 150 pounds. Health Canada Monographs recommend a daily dose of 3600 mg.

If you are still wondering how to use Chaga mushroom powder, you should know that the appropriate Chaga mushroom dosage depends upon many factors. The quality of extract along with your health status and age determines Chaga dosage. This means that what one person may consider too much Chaga may be a normal dosage for another person. 

It is also recommended that you start with the lower dosage. You can slowly increase the dose as you determine your tolerance to the superfood mushroom.

The dosage of Chaga is also determined by the condition for which it is being taken. The following are some specific dosage recommendations:

Chaga Dosage In Supporting Digestion

In studies, a Chaga mushroom dosage of 200 mg/kg was found to protect the integrity of the stomach wall(4). Research information shows that the alcohol extract of the mushroom supplement supported the health of colonic mucosa (5) in dosages of 50 and 100 mg/kg body weight. This was achieved by regulating the release of cytokines, a protein involved in inflammation.

Dosage To Balance Blood Sugar Levels

If you are wondering how to take Chaga mushroom for its benefits on blood sugar levels, you should know that the dosage is largely dependent on body weight. 

A variety of studies have shown that Chaga mushroom compounds are beneficial in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels (6) when given at a dose of either 30mg/kg or 60 mg/kg bodyweight for 21 days.

In another study(7), polysaccharide extracts of Chaga mushroom at a dose of 10, 20, and 30 mg/kg when given for 6 weeks duration maintained the health of pancreatic beta cells thereby regulating blood sugar levels.

If you are still wondering how long does Chaga take to work when it comes to blood sugar regulations, you should know that the answer to this question is affected by the way you use the mushroom and the dosage. For example, at dosages sitting between 30 and 60 mg/kg of your body weight, the mushroom may produce results in just under 3 weeks. However, for dosages sitting between 10 and 30 mg/kg of body weight, the results may take up to 6 weeks. 

Dosage To Increase Exercise Endurance

If you are looking to bump up your energy levels and your ability to perform during workouts, you may wonder how often should I drink Chaga tea or how much Chaga tea should I drink per day. 

There is no doubt that the Chaga mushroom is known to boost energy levels. 100, 200, and 300mg/kg of Chaga extract have been shown to improve exercise endurance. This was demonstrated in an animal study(8), where experimental rats were able to swim for a longer period with enhanced storage levels of glycogen.

This dose of Chaga mushroom was also shown to reduce serum urea nitrogen levels and blood lactic acid levels.

This means that if your goal is to improve your endurance by drinking Chaga tea, you should include a dosage of 100 mg to 300 mg/kg of body weight in your tea. 

Chaga Dose for Cancer

Currently, researchers are still trying to figure out the ideal dosage for people dealing with cancer. However, to avoid dealing with Chaga warnings and side effects, it is recommended that you stick to the recommended dosage for other types of problems. 

For example, sticking to using between 30 mg and 60 mg per kg of body weight (the same Chaga mushroom dosage used for regulating blood sugar levels) can also help you take advantage ofChaga's cancer benefits

How Much Chaga Tea Should I Drink Per Day?

It is recommended that you take one to two cups of Chaga tea (6oz cup). The mushroom tea dosage should also not exceed the dose of more than 2 cups of 6oz or 3.6gm.

If you are wondering how often should I drink Chaga tea, the answer is once or twice. To avoid consuming too much Chaga, you can take a 6oz (3.6 gm) cup in the morning and a second similar cup in the evening. 

What Is The Chaga Powder Dosage?

Chaga powder dosage for adults is 2.5g or half teaspoon. This should be mixed in a 6oz cup of boiled water. Use 5g of Chaga powder for a 12oz cup and so on. You can also sprinkle 2.5g of the powder directly onto the food. It is advised that you don’t exceed the daily powder dose by 3.6gm.

How To Use Chaga Tincture?

After purchasing your Chaga mushroom whole foods in the form of a tincture, you may wonder what's the ideal dosage. 2 to 3 droppers per serving is the optimum Chaga tincture dosage. 

This should be taken under the tongue. This can be taken 3 to 5 times per day. The tincture can also be mixed with beverages like tea. 2.2 ml to 3.3ml of tincture is equivalent to 72 to 109 mg of dried mushroom.

When To Take Chaga Mushroom?

Chaga mushrooms can be taken in the morning, noon or night. However, Chaga belongs to the adaptogen mushroom family. Due to this, a certain time of the day is optimal for taking Chaga.

  •  You can take Chaga first thing in the morning if you want to limit your caffeine intake but still want an energy boost. Chaga can give you the kick of caffeine without the jitters, headaches, and stomach problems associated with coffee.
  • Chaga can also be taken before bed. This will help you unwind and calm down after a long tiresome day. Chaga mushroom will help you sleep better so that you are well rested for the next day.
  • Chaga mushrooms can also be taken anytime during the cold and flu season. The mushroom is a natural immunity booster making it ideal to fight the flu viruses.

How Long Does It Take For Chaga Mushroom To Work?

If you have just started on the mushroom supplement, it will take about three weeks for Chaga to build up in your system. You can double up on the recommended daily dose for the first few weeks, thereafter sticking to a maintenance dose. The key to getting the most out of Chaga mushroom is consistency.

Can You Smoke Chaga Mushroom?

If you are still wondering how to use Chaga mushroom powder and other types of Chaga supplements, you may want to know whether smoking the mushroom is a good idea. While certain cultures and individuals have smoked Chaga, this was done for religious purposes and not to take advantage of the benefits offered by Chaga mushroom. 

To give you an example, the Khanty people of western Siberia smoked Chaga as part of their ritual cleaning process. The Ainu group from Japan smoked Chaga as part of their religious ceremonies. 

Research currently does not support that smoking Chaga can offer any health benefits. For this reason, smoking Chaga to get its medicinal benefits is not recommended. Scientists recommend using Chaga in food and tea. Also, when it comes toChaga for skin health andChaga for hair, users can apply the mushroom topically. 

Final Thoughts

Chaga mushroom is an edible superfood fungus with a wealth of vital nutrients. Adding Chaga properties to your daily life supports good health. 

When taken regularly and consistently, Chaga mushroom gives your body the fuel it needs to thrive. The Chaga mushroom dosage depends on the form of the mushroom and the intent for its use. 

However, the general recommended daily Chaga mushroom dosage is around 2000 mg. The mushroom is considered to be very safe. Regardless, always start medicinal mushrooms after approval from your physician.


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