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Cordyceps Pre Workout: Research, Benefits, And Dosage
Jan 21, 22
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Author: Sony Sherpa

Cordyceps Pre Workout: Research, Benefits, And Dosage

Do you like getting a good workout, but find that you’re always struggling to have the energy for it? Well, consider cordyceps as a pre-workout supplement! 

This natural fungus has been shown to provide several benefits related to athletic and gym performance, including increased energy and endurance. This article will focus on helping you better understand cordyceps mushrooms and how you can include them in your pre-workout routine.

The detailed guide will take a deeper look at cordyceps workout benefits. We will help you discover how much cordyceps per day to eliminate fatigue when working out. 

The information in this guide will also help you understand how to take cordyceps before exercise—that is, the various forms you can use to boost your power and performance. Let us dive into this detailed mushroom pre-workout guide if you are ready. 

Does Cordyceps Sinensis Boost Athletic Performance?

Cordyceps mushrooms are pretty popular in dietary supplements. Cordyceps offers libido-increasing benefits and immunomodulating effects. 

However, one of the key benefits of these mushroom products is their ability to give an energy boost. This benefit has led to a new energy supplement, namely cordyceps for athletes or cordyceps for energy.

If you take cordyceps capsules—or other forms of the mushroom—before heading to the gym, you will end up enjoying maximum results out of your workout session. 

Cordyceps athletic performance enhancement is well-documented and scientifically proven. On athletic performance, cordyceps mushroom benefits enhance athletes' and bodybuilders’ athletic abilities and stamina, be it with energy drinks or pre-workout powders. The mushroom is known to improve endurance exercise performance. 

The good news about using Cordyceps pre-workout is that it is easy to come up with a formula that allows you to combine its ingredients with those of other mushrooms so that you can enjoy maximum benefits. 

For example, you can also use Lion's mane pre-workout. And working with a healthcare professional can help you figure out how to use both Lion's mane and cordyceps—this can help you boost your strength and drive in the gym, resulting in maximum gains. 

Read on to learn how this traditional Chinese medicine cordyceps can help you perform better during high and low-intensity workouts. We will show you how you can improve exercise performance without having to spend money on synthetic products that may have significant side effects. 

The good news is that whether you are using Cordyceps sinensis or militaris, you will still enjoy the benefits outlined in the following section. Keep reading to see how professional athletes naturally improve endurance exercise performance, boost their muscle tissue oxygen saturation, and enhance their oxygen utilization. 

If you enjoy working out, see why you may want to consume cordyceps capsules or cordyceps extract to boost your metabolic threshold effortlessly. Learn how you can reduce fatigue in the gym and improve your physical performance by leveraging the active compounds in cordyceps.

Cordyceps Supplementation Benefits For Athletes: Cordyceps Pre Workout

With the use of Cordyceps militaris or sinensis, athletic performance and fitness can increase significantly. This hypothesis has been tested by different studies and pieces of research, both in vivo and in vitro. The results from the studies indicated that cordyceps sinensis is not just effective for athletes—cordyceps, traditional Chinese medicine, also enhances the performance and recovery of the average gymgoer. 

Overall, Cordyceps mushrooms have improved endurance and athletic abilities during workouts. Researchers have shown that cordyceps have the potential—and the ingredients—to provide natural energy before a workout. After the training, they also help improve the symptoms of stress on the body to improve the healing, repair, and recovery process. 

According to research performed(1) to study the effects of Cordyceps supplements on body composition and performance of athletes, the medicinal mushroom has a net positive impact on all aspects of an athlete's performance. For this study, a joint supplement was used, and it contained cordyceps and Rhodiola Rosea, another traditional herbal medicine used by athletes. The use of these two showed a significant improvement in aerobic respiration of the subjects during their workout sessions. 

Along with that, the body fat content and bench press abilities of athletes taking the supplement and enjoying the cordyceps energy benefits were shown to have been improved, but the improvement was not as drastic compared to the group not taking the supplements. 

When combined with other functional mushrooms, the health benefits of cordyceps—specifically on body fat—may become more pronounced. For instance, Chaga tea is used for weight loss—therefore, a combination of Chaga and cordyceps could generate more drastic body fat improvement.

One of the best natural workout energy boosters, cordyceps, can help improve body composition, but the improvement is not that different from if cordyceps supplementation was not continued. However, increased stamina was significant enough to recommend Cordyceps' use.

What's more, continued use of cordyceps goes beyond just offering a cellular energy boost. Cordyceps carries depression, sleep, and high blood pressure benefits—all these benefits play a key role in helping people improve their workout endurance. 

Also, similar to how Chaga helps with diabetes, cordyceps does help with diabetes. According to a research study conducted in 2010(2), people with diabetes report fatigue—this is often a result of high blood sugar levels. By balancing out blood sugar levels, cordyceps mushroom often reduces fatigue in users, which, in turn, increases performance in the gym.

In another study performed on animal models(3), it was found that supplementation with cordyceps militaris, a species of cordyceps that is considered to be the cheaper alternative to cordyceps sinensis increases endurance significantly. For this study, rats were given cordyceps to study the anti-fatigue properties of the fungus. 

After supplementation with the medicinal mushroom, rats had a higher exercise tolerance. This result indicates that cordyceps is one of the best natural workout energy boosters. 

The research result is believed to have stemmed from Cordyceps' ability to activate skeletal muscle metabolic regulators. It also improved glucose and lactate uptake during exercise along with an improvement in angiogenesis, which refers to the production of new blood vessels. This further suggests that Cordyceps is among the best natural pre workout energy sources. 

These effects of cordyceps supplementation on mice were accompanied by the increased resolution of oxidative stress that develops during workouts. Cordyceps militaris could resolve oxidative stress due to the activation of oxidative stress-responsive transcription factor NRF-2 and its targets, SOD1 and TRX. 

This study also found that these effects of cordyceps were visible after exercise and seen without training, leading to the conclusion that cordyceps mushrooms act as potent exercise mimetics. 

Similarly, a study was performed on human subjects(4) to determine the effect of acute supplementation and chronic supplementation with cordyceps militaris on the tolerance levels of athletes. The scientists wanted to determine whether the mushroom could offer a workout energy boost when performing this research. 

Athletes were divided into two groups. One group was given a one-week cordyceps energy booster before a workout; the acute supplementation group and the other group received cordyceps for three weeks; the chronic supplementation group. Twenty-eight men were enrolled in the study and were made to continue their training during the research. 

After each training session, their Maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max), time to exhaustion (TTE), and ventilatory threshold (VT) were measured to assess their tolerance to workouts. The acute group showed a significant improvement in their abilities to go on with training, tolerating higher intensity workouts for more extended periods. 

These results were also seen in the chronic group but at much more enhanced levels. Based on these findings, the researchers concluded that cordyceps supplementation could improve athletic tolerance, primarily if used consistently for long periods. From this research study, it is easy to see that enjoying a pre workout with mushrooms can help improve weight training for all types of people. 

Research studies show that using Cordyceps as a nutritional supplement will improve exercise performance in the gym and outside the gym. When combined with other nutritional supplement—for example, a good Lion's mane dosage—the results can be more pronounced. 

However, while cordyceps statistically significant increases performance during workouts, this does not mean that you can use any dosage of the mushroom for the effects. We recommend seeking individual medical advice to ensure you are using the mushroom at a dosage that will not predispose you to cordyceps dangers

In the following section, we will take a deeper look at how you can use cordyceps mushroom as a dietary supplement to boost your exercise performance and enjoy its ability to support athletic performance. 

While the details outlined below have managed to improve anaerobic performance for the average person, remember that cordyceps extracts dosage varies from one person to the other. Taking your time to talk to a medical doctor should help you enjoy greater benefits.    

When And How To Take Cordyceps Militaris Before Workout?

When And How To Take Cordyceps Before Workout?

For people new to using Cordyceps sinensis pre-workout, one of the most common questions is when is the best time to take cordyceps. This is a common question from people who are not very familiar with functional mushrooms—they also ask about the best time to take Lion's mane, Chaga, and other medicinal mushrooms. If you are still wondering when to take cordyceps, you should know that the answer to this question will depend on the time you work out.

For example, if you work out early in the morning, the best time to take cordyceps sinensis pre-workout will be early. If you prefer working out in the evening, enjoy the cordyceps energy boost before a workout in the evening. 

You can take cordyceps extracts on an empty stomach or after eating a meal—the mushroom will still benefit your cardio and weight lifting irrespective of how you decide to add it to your diet. The amino acids will help you build muscle mass while other bioactive compounds will help you workout longer without having to worry about fatigue, oxygen uptake, or cardiovascular endurance.

As cordyceps mushrooms are usually available in the market in powder or capsule form, you can mix them with some water and drink the solution. It can also be taken as part of your pre-workout protein shake. It is best to take it at least one hour before starting your workout to reap its maximum benefits. 

The Tibetan medicine—cordyceps mushroom—may take some time to generate its results. Therefore, when using the fruiting bodies of cordyceps, you may need to use the herbal supplement for a few weeks before you can start reaping maximum benefits. 

While this traditional Chinese medicine will improve the energy currency of the body (adenosine triphosphate) immediately, it is the continued use of cordyceps for athletes that allows the caterpillar fungus to deliver maximum benefits on physical strength and helps with reducing fatigue and improving overall wellness.  

When it comes to the cordyceps dosage, you may need to talk to a physician or doctor before taking CS-4. This is because different people respond differently to the mushroom—for example, Chinese people who have used cordyceps sinensis pre workout for a long time may take a higher dosage than those in the United States who are still new to the mushroom. 

It is, however, worth noting that cordyceps rarely cause any significant side effects. Throughout history, the most complicated side effects cordyceps has caused include: 

  • Mild constipation
  • Mild diarrhea
  • Mild stomach discomfort

However, these side effects will only appear when you use a very high level or dosage of cordyceps product in your nutrition. Using cordyceps the right way pre workout means zero chances of dealing with side effects. 

Also, keep in mind that these side effects rarely affect healthy individuals or people who do not have any chronic disease. However, people with health issues may need to take more precautions. 

For example, as noted earlier, cordyceps mushrooms help with the regulation of blood sugar levels. Someone who has diabetes will also be using other blood sugar management medications—combining Cordyceps mushrooms and the medications can lead to extremely low blood sugar levels. 

What's more, working out further reduces blood sugar levels—for this reason, people with diabetes may need to be extra cautious while using Cordyceps sinensis pre workout. Seeking individual medical advice can help these people reduce the risk of suffering from negative impacts. 

Doctors, however, indicate that the best way to get started with cordyceps is first to consume and maintain the dose of 2g or 2000mg for workout performance enhancement. This dosage is enough to produce the benefits without having any side effects or tolerance issues. 

Final Thoughts

Cordyceps mushrooms produce all the health benefits they do due to a specific protein, namely, cordycepin. This protein is an adenosine derivative and functions similar to the adenosine in the body. 

It helps produce ATP, which is the body's energy currency, hence resulting in the energy boost the cordyceps supplements are famous for. The recommended cordyceps dosage for athletes should be between 2 to 3 grams.

Cordyceps mushrooms are a great way to give your workout a boost, and they come with a variety of other benefits, too. If you’re looking for an edge in your next workout, consider adding cordyceps mushrooms to your pre-workout routine. 

How have you tried incorporating cordyceps mushrooms into your fitness routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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