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Cordyceps And Libido: Scientific Evidence On Cordyceps Libido Benefits
Jan 20, 22
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Author: Sony Sherpa

Cordyceps And Libido: Scientific Evidence On Cordyceps Libido Benefits


Cordyceps benefits have been well known for centuries. One of the most sought-after cordyceps benefits for males includes increased libido.

It is important to note that although it is a component of Traditional Medicine—especially in China and the Tibetan mountains—the benefits of the medicinal mushroom are backed by scientific evidence. This means that even today, Cordyceps Sinensis extracts and products still can eliminate impotence and boost sex interest, vitality, and libido. 

Today, this has resulted in the use of the compound in dietary supplements for benefits such as increased libido and improved sexual function. In this detailed guide, we will take a deeper look at the cordyceps benefits for male. 

We will help you understand the relationship between cordyceps and libido. Beyond looking at cordyceps libido and stamina, we will help you see how the mushroom boosts your overall health and energy. Read on to learn more about this phenomenal fungus that improves your life without any side effects. 

What Are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

Cordyceps mushrooms are a type of medicinal parasitic mushrooms that grow on the heads of the moth caterpillars and larvae of different insects, deriving nourishment from the body and brain of the host. 

Cordyceps mushrooms have been known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which have helped them stand out amongst all components of Traditional Medicine. The fungus would be hand collected, dried, and then used in Chinese Medicine for kidney stones, fatigue, general malaise, and sexual drive. 

Cordyceps mushrooms currently hold the world record for being the most expensive mushrooms in the world, priced at $9,000 per pound of the medicinal mushroom. 

However, their high price tag is justified considering all the benefits that one gets from the fungus. To make the mushroom sexual benefits accessible to more men at an affordable price, most sellers produce cordyceps products in a lab—this makes the product cheaper while offering the same benefits. 

The Benefits Of Cordyceps Mushroom For Men

If you are still wondering are mushrooms aphrodisiac, this section should answer your question. The section will help you understand how cordyceps improves the male sexual organs and treats any disease that negatively impacts the male sex drive. 

Apart from the general benefits of the medicinal fungus, there are benefits of the cordyceps mushroom that pertain only to men. Cordyceps is known as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine, with benefits such as improved arousal, orgasm, and sexual potency. 

The improvement in sexual function with cordyceps is seen mostly in men. However, it is worth noting that cordyceps for women also has a positive impact on the sex life of ladies. Most ladies benefit from improved arousal and sexual desire with cordyceps. 

Men also experience an increased sperm count with as little as 2 grams of cordyceps(1) taken every day. This effect of one of the best aphrodisiac mushrooms is a result of similarities in the protein structure of the fungus and the leutinizing hormone, an endogenous hormone responsible for the stimulation of spermatogenesis. 

Similarly, certain components of cordyceps mushrooms have an enhancing effect on endogenous corticosteroid production. This further increases libido by increasing sperm production in the male body. This effect is also hypothesized to be the result of a specific protein in the fungus’ chemical structure, namely cordycepin. Increased levels of serum cordycepin were found to have a significant and positive effect on testosterone levels, along with the number of sperms.

If you are still looking for the best mushrooms for libido, almost every research article looking into natural products that help improve male sex life points towards the fact that cordyceps species have the best potential. In the following section, we will name a few scientific studies that prove that cordyceps is a good solution for men who would like better sex life. 

Scientific Evidence Supporting Cordyceps Benefits For Men

Scientific Evidence Supporting Cordyceps Benefits For Men

The scientific evidence supporting other benefits ofcordyceps Sinensis and Militaris mostly includes either in vitro studies or animal studies. They rarely are based on the results of a study performed on human subjects. 

However, when trying to figure out the answer to "are mushrooms an aphrodisiac?", scientists did not just limit themselves to animal or vitro studies—they also focused on human beings. The scientific evidence related to the benefit of increased libido in men includes human, animal, and in vitro studies. 

A study(2) published in the Journal of Food and Drug Analysis was performed to study the effects of cordycepin on sperm production. The aim was to also study these effects both, in vivo and in vitro, for highly accurate analysis and assessment to be performed. This study supports the hypothesis that agood cordyceps dosage can increase testosterone levels and sperm production, resulting in improved sex drive and increased sex desire. 

Scientists also did study the cordyceps erectile dysfunction effect. The effect of cordyceps on testosterone levels and diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction along with decreased sexual performance was studied on animal models. 

Diabetic rats were initially studied to assess the symptoms related to sexual functioning, such as intracavernosal pressure (ICP) response to cavernous nerve stimulation, sperm count, testosterone level, penile nitric oxide synthase (NOS), and testicular superoxide dismutase (SOD) activities. These all showed a marked reduction in the presence of diabetes. However, the researchers found that 0.1, 0.5, and 1.0g/kg BW/day of cordyceps militaris significantly improved mating habits and sexual function. This study concluded that even human beings can use cordyceps dosage for ED. 

Another study(3) focusing on improved libido as a benefit of cordyceps consumption has shown promising results, although it is yet in its early phases. Researchers conducting the research believe that taking cordyceps for only 40 days could improve sexual drive amongst those with low sex drive. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the cordyceps benefits for male, cordyceps and libido are very closely related. Cordyceps mushrooms taken every day can improve sex drive and sexual desire in men. While most supplements that boast their libido-enhancing properties have little scientific evidence to back their claims, numerous studies have tested and proven the benefits of cordyceps for men.  

This cordyceps libido effect may be in part attributable to an increase in testosterone levels due to the protein cordycepin which is a natural component of the mushroom’s structure. Its modulatory action on pathways that regulate penile erection and libido is what makes cordyceps such a potent libido enhancer.


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