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Not the Sore Throat Again: Use These Best Teas for Colds
Jan 29, 23
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Author: Sony Sherpa

Not the Sore Throat Again: Use These Best Teas for Colds

  • by Sony Sherpa

    Medically reviewed by

    Sony Sherpa

    Dr. Sony Sherpa is a board-certified Clinical Doctor and dedicated advocate for holistic medicine, specializing in functional mushrooms. Her blend of medical expertise and passion for alternative wellness lends authenticity to her role as a contributor for Natures Rise.

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Not the Sore Throat Again: Use These Best Teas for Colds

Imagine: it's that dreaded time of year again. You're a sniffle-wrapped burrito, cocooned in blankets, the weight of a cold pressing down on your chest, head, and—most annoyingly—your nose. 

We've all been there, haven't we? The world outside carries on, oblivious to the epic battle you're fighting against the armies of germs that have invaded your body. Ah, the misery!

In these trying times, the best teas to reach for are Chamomile, Ginger, Peppermint, Echinacea, Elderberry, Licorice Root, Lemon Balm, Reishi Mushroom, Rosehip, and Cinnamon. 

Each of these teas possesses unique healing qualities, from the sleep-inducing powers of Chamomile to the immune-boosting prowess of Elderberry, ready to cater to your cold's every whim and need.

Whether the fiery kick of ginger coming to your defense or the tender embrace of Chamomile preparing you for a healing sleep, these teas get it. They understand the sniffles, the aches, and the sheer frustration of being under the weather.

So, let's embark on a journey together—a journey through wafts of steam and the clinking of teacups, exploring not one, not two, but ten miracle brews ready to stand with you in your sniffly woes. 

Why Your Teapot is Your Best Friend During a Cold

Embracing the Warmth: More Than Just Comfort

Embracing the Warmth: More Than Just Comfort

Nothing rivals the feeling of cradling a hot mug of tea when cold and flu symptoms besiege you. 

Picture yourself, combatting the relentless sniffles and aches, only to find solace in the gentle embrace of your trusty teapot. This isn't merely about the physical warmth but also the psychological comfort of this simple ritual.

Hot Tea & Science: Allies in Health

Hot Tea & Science: Allies in Health

But let's brew over the facts: Indulging in hot tea amidst a cold or flu is scientifically proven (1) beneficial. 

These steamy sips aid in loosening the mucus, hydrating your system, and possibly giving your immune system that extra 'oomph' it needs while under viral siege. It's not just about feeling less groggy; it's about active recovery.

Steeping in Benefits: The Healing Properties of Tea

Steeping in Benefits: The Healing Properties of Tea

The health benefits steeped in tea go beyond common knowledge. Rich in antioxidants, boasting anti-inflammatory properties(2), and known for easing those relentless cold symptoms, these brews are your body's allies in wellness

Delving into the realms of Chinese herbal medicine, we find a treasure trove of healing that's been brewed for centuries.

Nature's Pharmacy: Antiviral and Antibacterial Goodness

Nature's Pharmacy: Antiviral and Antibacterial Goodness

Here's a fun fact: your favorite herbal or mushroom teas don't just taste good they're packed with elements that have antiviral and antibacterial properties

That means every sip contributes to a healthier you, helping fight off harmful bacteria and soothing both cough and cold symptoms. It's like a medicinal patrol team working inside your body with each gulp.

The Art of Brewing: A Therapeutic Process

The Art of Brewing: A Therapeutic Process

And it's not just about drinking tea. The very act of brewing tea is a calming ritual, a moment to step back from the chaos of coughs and sniffles. 

It's an experience that begins with the aroma, transcends with the taste, and ends with a sensation of overall well-being, thanks to the medicinal properties steeped in each cup.

Meet Your New Comforting Companions (The Teas)

🍃The Gentle Embrace: Chamomile Tea

The Gentle Embrace: Chamomile Tea

Imagine this: you're snuggled in your comforter, the sniffles and aches giving you company, and there it is — your cup of chamomile tea, like a warm hug on this bumpy ride. But this isn't just any hug; it's a gentle embrace packed with the power to kick those pesky cold symptoms to the curb.

Research shows that (3) Chamomile isn't just your average bedtime buddy. This caffeine-free tea steps up as a warrior against infections, boosting your immune system(4) while sending you to a healing slumber(5). 

Now, let's turn this leafy defender into your cup of resilience. Steep Chamomile leaves in hot water, watch as the steam carries the floral whispers, and allow a teaspoon of honey to fall into this pool of calm. Embrace the warmth, and let it embrace you back.

🔥The Fiery Protector: Ginger Tea

The Fiery Protector: Ginger Tea

Picture a friend who's there at 3 AM, ready to ward off the monsters under your bed or, in this case, the germs in your body. That's ginger tea — your fiery pal! 

When the cold hits, ginger transforms, revealing its potent arsenal of antiviral and antibacterial wonders, verified by science (6), to guard your well-being.

But how do you unleash this protector? Rally the troops by simmering fresh slices of ginger, letting each bubbling minute strengthen your brew against the microbial foes. 

The final touch: a spoonful of honey, softening the spice-laden sip, and a generous squeeze of lemon, your citric ally in this health battle. Charge!

🌿The Breath of Fresh Air: Peppermint Tea

The Breath of Fresh Air: Peppermint Tea

There you are, amidst a battle with your sinuses, feeling more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey. Enter peppermint tea, the breath of fresh air you've been longing for. 

It's not just your imagination; the menthol in peppermint eases your breathing, acting as a beacon of hope for your beleaguered nostrils.

Don't just take our word for it; studies (7) back the use of peppermint in freeing your airways and shielding you from bacterial baddies. 

So, forge your aromatic armor by steeping peppermint leaves, inviting the steam to whisper wellness secrets to each of your senses. A dollop of honey might join the fray, offering sweetness as a pact of health. Inhale, sip, and let liberation commence!

🛡️The Herbal Warrior: Echinacea Tea

The Herbal Warrior: Echinacea Tea

Imagine echinacea as the valiant knight standing at the gates of your health, slashing the duration of colds and coughs; its triumphs echoed by scientific research (8). But beware, for this herbal warrior demands respect — overconsumption can turn a friend into a foe.

So, how do you enlist this ancient guardian? Prepare the battleground by brewing echinacea tea leaves with respect, allowing the water's heat to coax out the strength within. 

A cinnamon stick here, a dash of honey there, and behold — a potion worthy of legends. As you cradle the cup, feel the might of centuries coursing through you, an invisible shield against microbial invasion.

🍇The Berry Shield: Elderberry Tea

The Berry Shield: Elderberry Tea

Imagine a sentinel standing guard, its shield adorned with the vibrant hues of nature — that's your elderberry tea, a sweet-tasting guardian steeped in folklore and antioxidants. 

It's no mere tale; science (9) applauds its flu-fighting bravado, reducing symptoms and acting as a barrier against viruses.

But how do you summon this berry shield? It's a ritual as ancient as time. 

Unleash the power by simmering dried elderberries in water, their essence seeping into each molecule. Let a stick of cinnamon join the watch, and honey muster its soothing sweetness. 

As you sip, picture each drop, a spectral force reinforcing your body's defenses, a taste of valor fighting the good fight.

🌬️The Soothing Whisper: Licorice Root Tea

The Soothing Whisper: Licorice Root Tea

Meet licorice root tea, the unsung hero, the soothing whisper in the cacophony of coughs and sniffles. Beyond its sweet, earthy notes lies a force, proven by research, ready to coat your throat's rough edges, its anti-inflammatory anthem(10) quieting the common cold's uproar.

So, how do we channel its power? 

Begin a quiet chant of wellness as you steep the licorice root, the hot water a medium for its medicinal message. A slice of fresh ginger deepens its roots, a testament to its strength, while a swirl of honey complements its natural sweetness. 

It's a symphony in a cup — each sip a reassurance, telling your body, "I've got you."

🍋The Lemon Lifesaver: Lemon Balm Tea

The Lemon Lifesaver: Lemon Balm Tea

Ah, lemon balm tea, the zesty savior in your darkest, stuffiest hours. Memories flood back with its citrusy aroma — summer days, laughter, the ease of breathing. 

And it's not just nostalgia; science confirms (11) that this lemony lifeguard is on duty, its antiviral prowess a beacon of hope for cold-ridden souls.

Now, let's craft a beacon in a cup. Harness its essence by brewing the leaves, the steam a visual representation of stress leaving the body. 

A teaspoon of honey, liquid gold, bestows a sweetness that tames the tart. And a whisper of fresh mint leaves? Revival. As you sip, each drop is a promise — a vow of vitality.

🍄The Mystic Healer: Reishi Mushroom Tea

The Mystic Healer: Reishi Mushroom Tea

In the shadowed forest of ancient remedies stands the beneficial reishi mushroom, a mystic healer whispered about in tales and scientific annals. Its power, a blend of antiviral and immune-boosting magic(12), is a revered secret passed down through humanity's weary, sniffling ranks.

To invoke its magic, steep reishi in boiling water, its earthy soul an elixir of wellness. Enhance its essence with slices of ginger, warriors in their own right, and a generous offering of honey, the sweet alchemist. 

Close your eyes as you seep this Reishi mushroom tea, feeling the age-old wisdom flow through you, a silent chant of healing reverberating through each cell.

🌹The Floral Comforter: Rosehip Tea

The Floral Comforter: Rosehip Tea

Picture a gentle embrace amidst a blooming rose garden; that's your first encounter with rosehip tea. 

But it's not just a tender guardian. Within its floral bosom, it cradles a powerhouse of vitamin C, an ally that science says(13) fortifies your body's bastion against the siege of sniffles.

To awaken its nurturing essence, steep the rosehips in a cradle of boiling water, allowing the heat to coax out its nurturing soul. A cinnamon stick bestowed adds a warm whisper of spice, a perfect foil to the rosehip's gentle caress. 

As you cradle the cup, feel the floral warmth embrace your senses, a silent oath in each sip reaffirming you're not alone in this.

🔥The Spicy Sidekick: Cinnamon Tea

The Spicy Sidekick: Cinnamon Tea

Enter cinnamon tea, the loyal comrade with a fiery spirit, ready to march beside you in the battle against colds. It's not mere companionship; science lauds(14)its antiviral strategies and its flair for firing up the immune system, a true sidekick in every sense.

But how do you enlist its loyalty? 

Commence your alliance by summoning its strength: boiling sticks of cinnamon, allowing their spicy essence to infiltrate the water, a scent that's both invigorating and reassuring. 

For an ally, call upon the humble apple, diced and added to the brew, creating a concoction that tastes like the most comforting dessert. With each sip, envision a sealed pact, an accord between you and this spicy confidant, ready to face every sniffle together.

Getting the Most Out of Your Brew

Congratulations! You've met your flavorful army ready to battle those pesky cold symptoms. But how do you ensure you're leading them effectively on this health-restoring journey? It's time to become a master strategist of tea brewing. Here's how:

The Art of Patience: Don't Overbrew

The Art of Patience: Don't Overbrew

Steeping your green tea or chamomile tea for too long can turn the potential health symphony into a bitter farewell song. Watch the clock – 3 to 5 minutes will often do the magic.

Shielding the Secrets: Cover Your Mug While Steeping

Picture this: the tea leaves unleashing all that protective goodness, only for it to drift away in steam. Deny the escape! Cover your mug and keep those valuable vapors rich with antiviral and antimicrobial properties from going AWOL.

Perfect Partnerships: Complement with Honey

Perfect Partnerships: Complement with Honey

Sweeten the deal for your tastebuds and your sore throat. A swirl of raw honey makes a hot cup of ginger or lemon balm tea a delightful treat and acts as a natural cough suppressant, showing that tickle who's boss.

Quality Matters: Choose Loose Leaf Over Bags

Investing in loose-leaf green tea can make a world of difference. You're recruiting the A-team here, with more room for the leaves to unfurl and release their healing arsenal. Trust us, your immune system will thank you.

Set the Scene for Serenity: Create a Relaxing Ritual

Set the Scene for Serenity: Create a Relaxing Ritual

Drinking peppermint tea isn't just about the sip; it's about the stillness. Drown out the chaos of flu season with a calming backdrop: your favorite book, that cherished movie, or simply a moment with your thoughts. This isn't just a cup of tea; it's a therapeutic session.

Not Just a Sip, But a Breath: Inhale the Aroma

Dive nose-first into the experience. The steam from herbal teas isn't just carrying comfort; it's laced with benefits. 

Those deep breaths? You're helping open up those sinuses and inviting calm into your system.

Listen to the Legends: Embrace Traditional Wisdom

From the revered halls of traditional Chinese medicine to your grandma's kitchen, there's history in these brews. 

Respect the lore by following time-tested recipes, understanding that each herbal remedy, whether hibiscus tea or a mysterious purple flower concoction, carries a legacy.

Everyone's a Critic: Trust Your Palate

Your journey with herbal tea for colds is deeply personal. Don't love oolong tea? That's okay. Find your flavor, your blend, your comforting ritual. This is your health story, and you're the protagonist.

FAQs About Best Teas for Colds

Can Drinking Tea Help Prevent Colds?

While no food or drink can offer absolute protection against a cold, certain teas contain ingredients that boost your immune system and potentially ward off cold-causing viruses. 

For instance, green tea is rich in antioxidants and tea catechins, compounds that exhibit antiviral properties that can inhibit virus replication. 

Regularly consuming teas like elderberry tea or echinacea tea, especially during flu season, can enhance your body's natural defenses, making it harder for the common cold to take hold

How Can I Use Tea For Cold Relief, And Which Symptoms Can It Alleviate?

Teas can be strategic allies in combating various cold symptoms, providing relief in gentle, nurturing ways. For congestion or a stuffy nose, peppermint tea and eucalyptus tea act as natural decongestants, helping to open up the sinuses. 

If you're battling a sore throat, a warm cup of chamomile tea or licorice root tea can provide soothing relief, while ginger tea serves as an expectorant to help loosen and expel mucus from the respiratory system. Additionally, ingredients like honey, often paired with tea, add an extra layer of relief by coating and calming an irritated throat.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Drinking Medicinal Teas For Colds?

While herbal and medicinal teas are generally safe for most people, they can cause side effects or interact with certain medications, emphasizing the importance of moderation and awareness. 

For instance, over-consuming licorice root tea can lead to increased blood pressure or potassium loss, while excessive amounts of green tea can cause stomach upset or restlessness due to its caffeine content. 

Pregnant or nursing individuals and those on medication should consult a healthcare professional before integrating medicinal teas into their routine, ensuring it's a safe choice for their unique health situation.

Key Takeaways

We've all been there, haven't we? Wrapped in a blanket fortress, a mountain of tissues by our side, and that unshakeable chill—yes, the common cold makes even the sunniest days feel glum. 

But in these moments of sniffles and coughs, our humble teapot emerges as the unsung hero. Each steamy cup brimming with the teas we've explored isn't just a blend of leaves and flavors; it's a companion whispering, "This too shall pass."

Now, it's your turn to join this warm circle of comfort-seekers. Which tea has been your knight in shining armor during those cold-laden days? Drop a comment below and share your go-to brew. You never know who might be reading and discovering their next mug of relief!

And hey, if this article was your cup of tea, why not share the warmth? We all know a fellow warrior battling the cold blues. Let them know they're not alone—there's a whole community here, with a teapot at the center, ready to ease those cold days with a sip of understanding and care. Here's to shared healing, one cup at a time!🍵💛

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