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How To Benefit From Mushroom Coffee Weight Loss Qualities
Aug 24, 23
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Author: Sony Sherpa

How To Benefit From Mushroom Coffee Weight Loss Qualities

  • by Sony Sherpa

    Medically reviewed by

    Sony Sherpa

    Dr. Sony Sherpa is a board-certified Clinical Doctor and dedicated advocate for holistic medicine, specializing in functional mushrooms. Her blend of medical expertise and passion for alternative wellness lends authenticity to her role as a contributor for Natures Rise.

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How To Benefit From Mushroom Coffee Weight Loss Qualities

For a good cause, mushroom coffee has taken the wellness world by storm! This nutrient-dense drink combines coffee's advantages with medicinal mushrooms' potent capabilities.

But does mushroom coffee help you lose weight?  According to research, drinking moderate to large amounts of coffee is related to reduced body weight. 

Caffeine raises your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day. Furthermore, mushroom coffee can be used as a weight loss supplement because it increases metabolism and stimulates fat burning. It can also aid with appetite and controlling cravings.

In this article, we’ll explore the best mushroom coffee for weight loss. But before we get into mushroom coffee weight loss potential, let's first explore it and see how it differs from regular coffee. We'll review the medicinal mushrooms typically utilized in this blend and their possible weight-loss benefits.

Understanding Mushroom Coffee

Understanding Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee is a blend of mushroom extracts and ground coffee beans, creating a unique and health-promoting beverage. The mushrooms used in these blends are known for their medicinal properties, and they’ve been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

Functional mushrooms grow in the wild, are widely used for medicinal purposes and provide an array of health benefits. Mushroom coffee can contain one or more of these medicinal mushrooms, each with its own unique benefits. The most commonly used mushrooms include:

  • Chaga: Boosts the immune system and provides powerful antioxidants.
  • Lion’s Mane: Supports brain health and cognitive function.
  • Cordyceps: Enhances energy and improves athletic performance.
  • Reishi: Helps in stress relief and supports overall well-being.

The Role Of Medicinal Mushrooms

Several mushrooms are regularly utilized in mushroom coffee blends that are said to aid in weight loss. The following sections explain the connection between mushroom coffee and weight loss, as well as the benefits of the mushrooms used in this type of coffee for weight loss:

Boosting Metabolism

Boosting Metabolism

Metabolism plays a vital role in weight management. Compounds present in medicinal mushrooms may aid in improving metabolic activity, which could lead to enhanced calorie burning and better weight loss results.

One of the primary reasons why mushroom coffee is thought to promote weight loss is its ability to enhance metabolism. Certain mushrooms, such as Cordyceps(1), have been proven to boost ATP synthesis, which is responsible for energy production in cells. Mushroom coffee may assist in enhancing metabolic rate and calorie burn by increasing ATP generation.

Appetite Control And Satiety

Appetite Control And Satiety

Controlling appetite and avoiding overeating are two of the most challenging aspects of weight loss. The unique components of mushroom coffee may increase feelings of fullness, reducing the need to snack between meals and assisting with portion control.

Mushroom coffee may help with weight loss by controlling hunger. Some mushrooms, such as Lion's mane, are good sources of fiber. This has been demonstrated to have satiating effects, aiding in the reduction of cravings and the promotion of sensations of fullness. By suppressing hunger, mushroom coffee may aid in calorie reduction and weight loss goals.

Balancing Blood Sugar Levels

Balancing Blood Sugar Levels

Stable blood sugar levels are critical for controlling cravings and preventing hunger surges. It is critical for weight control to keep blood sugar levels steady. Specific mushroom properties in mushroom coffee may help to stabilize blood sugar levels, perhaps assisting in weight loss attempts.

Chaga has been shown to have anti-diabetic effects(2) and can aid in blood sugar regulation. Mushroom coffee may help with weight loss by minimizing insulin spikes and lowering the likelihood of overeating by encouraging stable blood sugar levels.

Several different medicinal mushrooms have been shown to reduce blood sugar levels.  According to a 2019 review(3), Reishi mushroom appears to lower insulin resistance. This review looked at the anti-diabetic properties of Ganoderma mushrooms, with a focus on Reishi.

After four weeks of usage, Reishi mushroom decreased insulin resistance in obese diabetic rats. Mushroom polysaccharides from Reishi appear to regulate hepatic glucose regulatory enzymes (liver enzymes that balance blood glucose levels), which appear to stabilize insulin levels.

An animal study(4) explored the hypoglycemic properties of polysaccharides identified in Cordyceps sinensis culture mycelium.

Diabetic rats and mice showed greater serum insulin levels after consuming a Cordyceps sinensis extract for a week, indicating that their pancreas was able to synthesize more of the hormone.

Enhanced Physical And Mental Performance

Enhanced Physical And Mental Performance

Physical activities and mental focus are frequently involved in weight loss vacations. The ability of mushroom coffee to improve physical endurance and cognitive performance may complement training programs and aid in motivation.

Several studies have found that Lion's mane mushrooms contain chemicals that increase nerve growth factor production, aiding nerve cells' growth and health. This component is essential to Lion's mane's(5) ability to improve mental wellness and maybe alleviate mild cognitive impairment symptoms. As a result, the Lion's mane mushroom has emerged as one of the most sought-after natural nootropics.

Cordyceps mushroom has numerous bioactive chemicals that promote brain health. However, the most notable Cordyceps mushroom benefits for brain health are its ability to improve energy and reduce brain fog.

The energy-boosting characteristics of cordyceps mushrooms are comparable to coffee because they make you feel more awake and concentrated. However, as caffeine does, this mushroom coffee will not make you nervous or anxious or induce an energy crash in the middle of your workday.

Types Of Mushroom Coffee

Types Of Mushroom Coffee

The medicinal mushrooms used in mushroom coffee vary. Medicinal mushrooms like Chaga, Lion's mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps have been linked to various health benefits.

Lions mane

Lion’s mane mushroom, known as nature’s nootropic, improves memory, thinking, reasoning, focus, and creativity. In addition, it supports cognitive function & mental performance and stimulates nerve growth (neurogenesis).


Reishi, the “King of Mushrooms,” are known for their adaptogenic qualities. The mushroom contains powerful immune properties called immune “modulators” (which contain beta-glucans and polysaccharides).

The mushroom exerts calming effects, improves cardiovascular function and helps fight depression and fatigue. In addition, it has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, protects the liver, and helps control blood sugar levels.

Chaga mushroom

Chaga mushroom contains antioxidant properties, vitamins,  phytonutrients, and minerals. It improves lung and respiratory function, supports immune function, and improves overall well-being.

The mushroom contains alkaline minerals to balance coffee acidity (when combined with coffee). It is also known to enhance blood oxygen levels.

Cordyceps mushroom

Cordyceps, or the Himalayan mushroom, has notable antioxidant properties. It is most widely known for its ability to help the body generate energy through the production of ATP.

The mushroom oxygenates the body, helps support healthy energy levels and improves endurance, athletic performance, and stamina. In addition, it aids weight loss and realigns gut bacteria.

Turkey tail mushroom

Turkey tail mushroom is a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory agent and can boost the immune system. It is potent against cancers like melanoma.

The mushroom offers energy, clarity, and mental focus and contains healthy doses of fiber that will boost gut health.

Combining Mushroom Coffee With A Healthy Lifestyle

Combining Mushroom Coffee With A Healthy Lifestyle

While mushroom coffee may have weight loss benefits, losing weight is a multifaceted process involving more than one beverage. Remembering that healthy eating habits, frequent exercise, and a balanced lifestyle are the most remarkable ways to lose weight is crucial.

With Cordyceps mushroom coffee, you can use it as a pre-workout energy booster. You may also use it to relax after a workout with a cup of Reishi coffee.

Many people feel that to lose weight, they must follow a strict fitness regimen. While numerous activities are vital while trying to lose weight, walking is an effective and straightforward way to burn calories.

In fact, just 30 minutes of daily walking has been proven to help in weight loss. Furthermore, it is a pleasurable sport that can be done indoors and outdoors.

FAQs About Mushroom Coffee Weight Loss

Can You Drink Mushroom Coffee Every Day?

You can drink mushroom coffee daily, but it is best to use it in moderation as a supplement to a healthy and balanced diet. Individual needs and tastes will determine the exact frequency and amount.

How Many Cups Of Mushroom Coffee Per Day?

Drink a cup or two of mushroom coffee daily for weight loss. It's critical to keep track of caffeine consumption and listen to your body, adjusting as needed. This should be used as a complement to a healthy and balanced diet, not as the sole method of weight loss.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Mushroom Coffee?

The effects of mushroom coffee on weight loss may differ depending on the individual. It takes around two weeks for the medicinal mushroom's benefits to become apparent in your body. It is critical to note that mushroom coffee is not a miracle cure and should be used in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

Key Takeaway

Mushroom coffee is a combination of coffee and medicinal mushrooms such as Cordyceps, Reishi, Lion's mane and Chaga, which are thought to have weight loss properties. The mushroom coffee weight loss compounds may help control blood sugar levels, stimulate fat burning, and reduce inflammation. All of this may help with weight loss.

While mushroom coffee has shown potential to aid weight loss, it is vital to consider it as part of a comprehensive approach to health and fitness. When combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, mushroom coffee may help you reach your weight loss objectives. Talk with a healthcare expert before making significant changes to your food or lifestyle.

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